About me....










Born and raised in the beautiful state of Maine, I made my move down south after college and now call Augusta, Georgia my home.  After years of pursuing a career as a child/family therapist followed by one as a substance abuse counselor for the military, my life took another direction.  I became a mother to triplets and my world was forever changed...for the better.

I am "Mama" to three amazingly energetic four year olds, step-mom to an incredible 18 year old and wife to my handsome husband of seven years. I do not deserve such a loving partner but I am eternally grateful for him and his support.  I give thanks for all of my blessings to God and for His love and guidance throughout my life.  I seek to honor Him through this business and with everything that  I do. 

With the birth of our children came a new passion to photograph every moment of their lives. The minutes, hours and days seem to fly by so quickly that I have wanted to freeze time (if only in pictures). After being gifted my first DSLR camera, I was on a mission to learn everything that I could about the ins and outs of it. In the process of this learning I found a new love~photography. I am truly excited to share this love with others who, like me, just want to take moments in their lives and freeze time~if only in a photograph.