This guide will help prepare you and your baby for your upcoming Newborn Session. Following this guide will help ensure that your session runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Newborn sessions are best photographed when baby is between 5-14 days old. After this time-frame babies are easily awakened and more difficult to pose. Babies photographed older than this timeframe will likely include more wrapped poses.

  • If your Newborn Session will include parent/sibling/family portraits, these photos will be done first. Due to the length of time of a Newborn Session, siblings are to be present for the family portion of the shoot ONLY. Please make arrangements for older siblings.

  • Neutral colored shirts are encouraged for family photos (highly recommend tanks for females). Photos will be cropped at the breast so no need to worry if your clothing doesn’t fit around the belly. Please no logos on shirts.

  • Pee, poop or spit up can happen during the family portion of the shoot so bring a change of clothes just in case.

  • Room will be very warm so dress in layers for your own comfort.

  • It is suggested to clear your schedule for the day to avoid over-stimulation prior to the session.

  • Sessions may take up to 2-3 hours in length (and may run longer than anticipated).

  • I do not work with an assistant, therefore, I may ask for your assistance throughout the session for “spotting”. My top priority is the safety of your baby.

  • Props, headbands, bonnets, wraps and some newborn clothing are supplied for the session. If you have a sentimental item that you wish to use in the images, please let me know what it is ahead of time so I can do my best to include it. I do not guarantee, however, that props brought into the session will be used. I style these newborn sessions a head of time and shoot for a classic and timeless look that you will cherish for years to come.

  • Please be prepared to feed your baby (or “top off”) as soon as you arrive for the session. We want him/her to be full, content and sleepy to be able to be more easily posed.

  • Due to the nature of the session, your baby will be burning more calories than normal and will likely need to be fed more often than usual. Please come prepared and plan to feed your baby on demand throughout the session. I understand that some babies are on feeding schedules but you may not be able to adhere to a strict schedule during the session.

  • If you breastfeed, please avoid caffeine or gassy foods 24 hours prior to your session as this can impact your baby’s comfort.

  • It is suggested to keep your baby AWAKE for 1-2 hours before arriving for the session so that baby will be sleepy when it is time to photograph him/her. If you are wanting a variety of poses attempted (more than wrapped), please try to keep your baby awake prior to your session. Some poses will only be attempted with sleeping babies. Babies who remain awake during their session will be photographed primarily wrapped (as this is calming for babies). Also, some babies are more tolerant of being posed than others. I will not spend a lot of time soothing fussy babies into sleepy poses as this is stressful for you and for them. My sessions are baby-led with baby’s comfort and safety as a top priority. Because of this, I cannot guarantee any particular pose or image.

  • Bring baby to session in a button/zipper down sleeper and loose diaper. Avoid anything like headbands that would leave indents on baby’s skin.

  • A pacifier is HIGHLY encouraged. Usage will be minimal but may be needed to help soothe baby to sleep while posing.

  • Things to bring: pacifier, bottles, extra diapers and wipes, familiar baby blanket for comfort while feeding, change of clothing for family members and snacks/drinks for adults as the session can be lengthy.